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How To Obtain The Total Download Count Of WordPress Plugins And Themes

So sometime in 2015 or 2016 WordPress launched a plugin and theme directory with added new features. Anyway, some old features were removed during its redesign process and so the “Total Download Count” was replaced with “Active Installs”. I do like the “Active Installs” being displayed on the new directory, but I wasn’t expecting the “Total Download Count” to be removed but it got removed anyway. However, I did found the an alternative method to show the “Total Download Count” using Plugin and Theme Download Count and WP Tally.

Plugin and Theme Download Count

Plugin And Theme Download Count

Plugin and Theme Download Count displays the total download count for one or more defined WordPress Plugins and/or Themes hosted on

  • It displays the “Total Download Count” of any WordPress plugins and themes listed on the plugin setting page.
  • It displays the live count rather than just static count.
  • The “Total Download Count” can be displayed by simply using the shortcode on any WordPress generated page including widget areas.

WP Tally

WP Tally

WP Tally is a side project launched by Easy Digital Downloads that displays the total download count for plugins and themes attached to any username.

  • Displays the total download count of all plugins and themes attached to any username.
  • There is a plugin WP Tally Connect and API that can be used to emb in apps.
  • It can be customised just like Plugin and Theme Download Count but basically when used as a tool, it doesn’t require any website. or any CMS at all.
  • Shows separate list of the total download count for each plugins and themes.

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Carla Izumi Bamford (Web Design)

Carla Izumi Bamford (Web Design)

I created a responsive design that function as a blog and portfolio. The website is also compatible with retina displays used on high-end devices. The design I wanted more than just functional, but I kept it very simple and clean.

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Carla Izumi Bamford (Web Design)

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