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What is your ethnicity? British and Japanese. (That makes my ethnicity Eurasian.)
What language do you speak? English and Japanese.
What OS are you using? I use OS X Yosemite.
Is the glass half empty or half full? I think the glass is half empty and half full.
Have you played Pokemon Go? The Augmented Reality phone app? Nope and I am not really into Pokemon.
What is your favourite colour? I really like neutral tones.
What is your least favourite colour? I don’t like colours that are too dark or too bright.
What is your favourite animal? I like dogs. But not the small ones because they bark all the time.
What coding software are you using? I use Sublime Text.
What browser are you using? I have been using browsers such as Internet Explorer(😂), Firefox, Chrome, etc. Currently I’m using Safari.
What is your favourite? TV shows, films, or books? I enjoy books the most. But I like watching various entertainments, also live shows!!
What blogging software are you using? I use WordPress. It is free, open source, and very customisable too.
What stores do you prefer to buy books from? Places like amazon, local, or…?) Local.
Have you got any tattoos? No.
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