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iPhone Case

iPhone Case

I was at H & M the other day for some clothes shopping and I *finally* stumbled upon the perfect iPhone case for me. It was so adorable and I became more weary of the old case, since the only thing I liked about it was the colour. And I really needed something to satisfy the obsession I have with hologram & crystal clusters.

It makes it even special as it was found in an actual shop. I can be really picky about the details when I buy things, so unless I’m surfing an online store I have the lowest chance of finding things I actually like. :/ So its obviously a hit!


3 responses to “iPhone Case”

  1. Georgie says:

    I’m often disappointed with online purchases, and sometimes I very much prefer to buy something by going to the actual store. I am so picky with iPhone cases, it’s crazy. I feel like I have to change my phone case regularly, and I am picky about how much of the edges it covers, and what the material is, etc. XD Glad you found a phone you like!

  2. Athenas says:

    Could you please tell me where else can I get this iPhone case like this one & is it still in h&m??

  3. Michelle says:

    Lol, sometimes I usually like to get cases online than at the store because I usually can’t find anything at the store and they’re kinda lame. So I prefer getting them online. 🙂 This case is lovely~


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