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How to Fix Your iPod Screen

How to Fix Your iPod Screen

Here’s my 5 years old iPod. I accidentally dropped it and cracked the LCD. Luckily the rest was okay but it looks totally zombified and sad.
If you take this to Apple, they’ll rip your balls off. (Around 250 bucks?)I love their products but I’m not going waste on that. There’s not much to prepare, if you’re going to do it yourself.

How to Fix Your iPod Screen

I followed the instruction on Installing iPod 5th Generation (Video) Display, and what you will need:

  • Opening tools. (Maybe its just me but opening an iPod is like digging a concrete floor…)
  • An antistatic mat.
  • An official and genuine LCD screen.

It’s just that simple.


3 responses to “How to Fix Your iPod Screen”

  1. Georgina says:

    I think it’s amazing that you kept your iPod for over five years. I have friends who started with the Mini, and continued to sell their iPod in exchange for the newer kinds. If it’s still good and can be fixed if they have a problem like yours, why not? 😀

    My first Apple product was an iPhone. I still have it now, and I got it in January last year. I’m hoping it’ll last for a long time to come. The earphones have worn out but I’m not willing to spend the $40 on new ones. O_o;

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  3. albionmall says:

    You have a good taste.


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