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10 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design, Vol. 5



Download Nexa

Nexa is a clean sans-serif font which comes in bold and thin appearance. The clean font makes it easy to read and looks nice on slogans, small paragraphs or headings. It can be put to use for both personal and commercial projects.

Droid Android Font


Download Android

Android is the replica the Android logo. Android’s Roboto font is mostly used for OS such as Android devices created by Microsoft. I actually written about Roboto in one of my previous posts on my blog.



Download Butler

Butler is a serif font inspired by the classical Bodini font(Or perhaps Didot.), which I also already written about on my blog. Well, it’s probably just between Bodini and Didot because of its rather high contrast letterforms.



Download Futura

Futura is one of most classic sans-serif fonts in existence. It is based on simple geometrical shapes. Perfect for any types of design that needs more classic feel, and it looks great at any size. The absolute complete opposite font of Futura is probably Comic Papyrus that is a mixture of Comic Sans and Papyrus. If that isn’t headache-inducing, I don’t know what is. Futura license can be purchased at MyFonts.



Download Delicate

Delicate is a subtle yet unique serif font. This font actually shows a very good example that bold moves such as dropping some lines can be a way of good design. However I would only use this font when legibility is not really necessary. Delicate license can be purchased at


Source Code Pro

Download Adamas

Adamas is a unique geometrical font made from shapes such as triangles. I think it is a very unique font. I would see this font fit for visual design rather than for large amount of words. (Such as letters or editorials.) Adamas is a free font and can be downloaded for free from Behance.



Download Nivo

nivo is a rather sleek and minimalistic font with some interesting shapes. Fonts simillar to nivo would be Avenir, Montserrat, or perhaps the Gotham font.



Download Lovelo

Lovelo is a round yet decorative sans-serif font redesigned by Fontfabric. It’s a remake of the original Lovelo Inline font designed by Hans Renzler.



Download Aileron

Aileron is a sans-serif font based on one of the most popular fonts in existence, Helvetica. Very much like Helvetica, Aileron is an all-purpose font that can be used for any sort of design. The font could be a very good alternative to Helvetica(And also Arial) as both are not exactly identical but similar in shapes. I actually wrote a list of all the sans-serif font I featured(so far) on my blog.



Download Romantiques

Romantiques is a heavily decorative font with a hint of vintage. It is a really glamorous font and kind of reminds me of Marilyn Monroe a little bit, haha.


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Download Code

Code is a very minimal sans-serif font with two variations “Code Light” and “Code Bold”. It is a very modern font that is readable at any size. It is applicable for any type of graphic design, web, print, motion graphics, etc. Code is available for free download at Fontfabric type foundry.



Download Bodini

Wrote a bit about Bodini on one of my previous posts, 5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design, Vol. 1. It is a serif font with a interesting contrast and shapes, and it is still influential to modern fonts just like Didot. Bodini license can be purchased Linotype.

PlayStation Fonts


Download PlayStation fonts

Going a little off topic, PlayStation font is kind of a replica font of the original PlayStation font. I guess it would be a “fun” to add some random fonts to the post, change of pace. Sometimes I’m a gamer and for a while, PlayStation has been one of my favourite game console. 😀 (I might have went for PlayStation VR if it appeared a little bit earlier though.)



Download Sango

Sango is a font with the kind of image I have in my mind when “typography” and “glitch art” are combined together. Resulting in some interesting composition, it just differs from any other common fonts and that naturally makes it one of my favourite font.



Download Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the default font for a Linux distribution named Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu meant to be a general purpose font, and in particular, I love the simple almost minimalist shape of the characters. I think Linux is a great open source operating system, so naturally I like its font too. Ubuntu font is licensed under the Ubuntu Font Licence.


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№1 Helvetica


Download Helvetica
Helvetica is a simple contemporary sans-serif font, and also one of the all-time classic. It is one of my favourites because of the “serious but friendly” design. Helvetica is both classic and modern, timely and timeless. Oh and it even has its own self-titled documentary film.