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5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design, Vol. 3

№1 Helvetica


Download Helvetica
Helvetica is a simple contemporary sans-serif font, and also one of the all-time classic. It is one of my favourites because of the “serious but friendly” design. Helvetica is both classic and modern, timely and timeless. Oh and it even has its own self-titled documentary film.

№2 Disclaimer


Download Disclaimer
Designed by Boris Bonev, Disclaimer is a extra-condensed modedul-based enclosed display font with two variations: Plain and Classic. Condensed fonts can be difficult to use effectively, but narrow fonts like Disclaimer can can make a great art element. Disclaimer is available for free download at Fontfabric type foundry.

№3 Roboto


Download Roboto
Roboto is one of Google’s signature font, and it was originally developed to use on Android and Chrome OS. It has a dual nature of being geometric and mechanical, but also has a highly readable shape promoting natural reading rhythm. It became open-source and it’s source code is available on Github. Roboto is also available for download as part of the Google Fonts directory.

№4 Liquido


Download Liquido
Designed by Alessandro Comotti, Liquido is a modern sans-serif font with unique wavy style. It’s a unique and stylish font that includes two font versions, regular and liquid. Liquido is available for free download at its Dropbox page.

№5 Perfograma


Download Perfograma
Designed by Asen Petrov, Perfograma is a dot-by-dot style font that looks like perforated paper. It’s a simple yet fun decorative display font inspired by old electro-mechanical machines. It is perfect for web pages and also prints. Perfograma is available for free download at Fontfabric type foundry.



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